To satisfy your desire and need for nature, I organize themed hikes and guided tours in the Switzerland focusing mainly - but not exclusively - on environmental issues, including guided walks tailored to your interests and physical conditions. Thanks to the efficient swiss public transport system, I propose to take you to places that will fill you with wonder and relaxation.




To feel, observe and better understand our natural environment, while respecting it, and to share with you the pleasure of hiking with a sense of security and safety, that's what motivates me.


Am a freelance journalist for about 35 years specialized in environmental issues, particularly in the field of renewable energy. After spending many years in Paris, I returned to Switzerland, my country of origin, to get closer to its alpine landscapes and countryside. In order to reconcile my passion for nature, mountains and hiking with my job as a journalist specialized in environmental issues, I became a mountain leader or mid-mountain guide (ASAM Diploma, 2015, Wallis, Switzerland).


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2 days in V.S.O.

2 Tage in V.S.O.

Betwenn Schrattenflue and Hohgant

The green valley of the Emmen with its scattered agricultural settlement is attractive.

Walensee, west side, below the Churfirsten

Wir starten in Seewen (SG) und werden entlang der sonnenexponierten Seite des Sees wandern. Die kleine Hafengemeinde liegt im Winterschlaf. Die Boote stehen zugedeckt am Strand. Kaum Einwohner, kaum Touristen. Es ist ruhig und herrlich.

Walensee east side, searching a lost mine

After the first part (western section) of the crossing of the northern shore of the Walensee (from Weesen to Quinten, SG), we are now doing the eastern section from Quinten to Walenstadt (SG).

playing with the borders

Trois cantons et deux pays (pas traduit, désolé)

Along the quiet lake of Biel

The south-eastern part of the lake of Biel (BE) offers peace and quietness. Not to mention the fact that beaver tracks can be seen at various points along the shores of the lake.

Looking for a historical windmill

Wir starten ab Oberdorf, im waldenburger Tal (BL) und laufen bis zum Bauernhof Waldweid, das genau auf 1000 Meter über Meer liegt. Eine Stunde später stehen wir am Fuss vom zweiflügigen Windrad von Sol (auch Sool geschrieben).